Monday, February 13, 2012

The book and blog

I am working on self publishing a war memoir of my road to and experience of Vietnam in 1966 and 1967. The book is titled: A Hellish Place of Angels, the same title of this blog.

I have obtained very positive feedback from my editors and a publisher:  

"The author does an outstanding job of sharing the story of his time with the Marine Corps’ 3/26 and 2/9 infantry battalions in Vietnam. He narrates this story with candor and spares no detail. He displays an obvious commitment to educating his readership and thoroughly documenting the battalions’ skirmishes. He has a clear and distinctive voice; his memory of the events surrounding his training, deployment, and the battles described here is vivid and compelling. The author includes many details that make his story come alive for the reader; the descriptions of his fellow soldiers, the reactions of his family members, and the time he spent in country are particularly memorable, as the following passage demonstrates:

p. 68: The promise of death at every turn brings one to the moment like nothing else. In the beginning when death is fresh everything tastes wonderful. Cigarettes are especially good at this time as they remind us of our power over fire and our willingness to play with death.
The story flows smoothly from one section and one event to the next, with a solid narrative arc and considerable dramatic tension. This story of how the author survived unimaginable circumstances will be a priceless memento for his family, as well as an unforgettable memoir for general readers of a terrible chapter in modern history"
The purpose of this blog will be to talk about the book and other issues of and about The Vietnam War.



  1. A Hellish Place of Angels has won the Editor's Choice Award

  2. Please be advised that the book description on the Amazon Kindle version of the book is wrong. It is correct on the soft cover version.