Friday, August 10, 2012

The book "A Hellish Place of Angels: Con Thien: One Man's Journey" is now available practically everywhere books are sold. The soft-cover goes for about $18.95 and the ebook which is available in all formats goes for about $3.99.

Now Available

 (Please note the dscription for the Amazon Kindle ebook version is wrong while the soft-cover description is correct)


A Hellish Place of Angels is a powerful story that blends personal insight with keen observations and powerful emotions. This is one man’s journey through the escalating hell of Vietnam in 1966 and 1967 which culminated in the brutal battles of Con Thien. The author’s firsthand account adds an element of realism and tension which makes for a gripping read that is virtually impossible to put down.

Through one man’s journey, the hardship and gallantry of the Marines in Vietnam is revealed and the forgotten battle of Con Thien remembered. Other themes of life course through the book: hope, relationships with family, friends, country, death and peace. The author’s spiritual journey from boyhood to manhood becomes apparent as he faces death over and over again.

Daryl Eigen                                                                                                     All rights reserved 2012

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