Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book Link to the 3rd Battalion 26th Marines web site

"A Hellish Place of Angels:Con Thien: One Man's Journey."

The following is by Bill Ward, veteran of 3/26 in Vietnam, 3/26 web master, and keeper of the 3/26 torch and traditions.

"I enjoyed your book very much and felt it was very well written.It's amazing how even the little things can spark memories from your own experience. I have updated the library page of my site [with your book] and the link is below:
Bill went on to give a great description of the book and is given here in its  entirety:

"The history of our country has been irrevocably shaped by the wars that have been fought. A singular irony is that only a small percentage of our citizens  experience these wars directly. Vietnam was an unpopular war, still 80% of those who served were young volunteers like 18 year old Daryl Eigen, fresh out of highschool driven as much by a sense of adventure as his duty to his country and a future he believed in.The next 18 months of his life would lead him to a remote, little known outpost on the DMZ known to the locals as the "Hill of Angels" where success on either side were measured by the number of survivors.

Through letters written home to his family during the war and his thoughtful reflections years later, we get the opportunity to hear both voices in this narrative. It is a book that will tug at the memories of all those veterans who served, because as a young Marine in 1967, Daryl Eigen experienced war from both sides of the "wire" and found there were no safe havens in that hellish place called Con Thien the "Hill of Angels.""

Bill Ward Web Administrator

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